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Году в 1997 я ошивался на англоязычном форуме, и перевел Шевченко верлибром. Потом я на сайте какого-то канадского университета увидел стихотворный перевод, но, честно говоря, мне мой собственный больше нравится. Kezlev - это по-крымскотатарски Евпатория; это мне рассказал одноклассник, который не пошел на добровольно-принудительный митинг в поддержку Кучмы.

Taras Shevchenko

Kateryna has a house...

Kateryna has a house
With a wooden floor.
From the glorious Rapids Host
The guests rode in.
One was Simon the Barefoot,
The second Ivan the Naked,
The third the famed widow's son
Ivan Yaroshenko
"We've ridden through all of Poland
And all of Ukraine,
But haven't seen another woman
Like this Kateryna."
One says, "Brother,
If I were rich,
I would give up all my riches
To this Kateryna
For a single hour."
The second says, "Friend,
If I were strong,
I would give up all my strength
To this Kateryna
For a single hour."
The third says, "Children,
There is nothing in the world
That I wouldn't do
For this Kateryna
For a single hour."

Kateryna gave this a thought
And says to the third one,
"I have my only brother
In enemy dungeon.
In Crimea he is rotting,
Who would get him out,
Cossacks of the Rapids,
He will be my husband."
The three of them rose,
Their horses mounted,
And rode away to free
Kateryna's brother.
One drowned
In the mouth of the Dnieper,
The second in Kezlev
On a stake was impaled,
The third, Ivan Yaroshenko,
The famed widow's son
From slavery cruel
From Bakhchysarai
Is freeing the brother.

In the early morning creaked
The doors of the house.
"Get up, get up, Kateryna,
Go meet your brother."
Kateryna looked at that
And cried out loud,
"He isn't my brother, I fooled you,
He is my beloved."
"You fooled me?" To the ground
Kateryna's head rolled.
"Let us get out
Of this foul house."
Away rode the Cossacks
Chasing the steppe wind
Kateryna the black-eyebrowed
In a field they buried
And in the steppe took an oath
And became blood brothers.


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